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Contact Lens Exams at Balfour Optical

If you've already had a vision exam, you may be wondering why you also need an additional exam to be fitted for contact lenses. Since contact lenses must be custom-fitted to the eyes themselves, we need more data than just your corrective lens prescription -- we need to consider your eye dimensions, ocular health and expected usage as well. That's what we provide in our contact lens exams at Balfour Optical.

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What to Expect During an Amarillo Contact Lens Exam

An Amarillo contact lens exam includes several important considerations that help us fit you for the perfect pair of contacts. This include:

Eye Measurements- Our optometrists, Dr. Fitch or Dr. Hollingsworth will measure the dimensions or your iris and pupils to ensure that the lenses are the correct size. A keratometer measures the contours of your cornea, which must be duplicated in the lenses. We may also use digital corneal topography for detailed corneal measurements, such as those necessary to correct astigmatism.

Health Considerations- Certain eye health issues may dictate a particular type of contact lens option. For instance, if you suffer from dry eye syndrome, you'll need contacts that are good at retaining moisture. If your eyelids are irritated by the proteins that accumulate on extended-wear contacts (a condition called giant papillary conjunctivitis), then we may recommend daily disposable lenses.

Optical Needs- Not every refractive error is equally well served by daily-use disposable soft contacts. If your vision requires a stronger or more specialized degree of correction, we may prescribe RGP (rigid gas permeable) lenses. These lenses keep their shape even when you blink and can be fabricated for complex refractive errors such as presbyopia. If you have keratoconus (irregular, cone-shaped corneas caused by thin corneal tissue), we may even prescribe scleral contact lenses which cover the cornea all the way out to the white of the eye.

Lifestyle Preferences- Your contact lenses should complement your lifestyle instead of complicating it, so we will discuss these preferences with you during your contact lens exam. For example, extended-wear contacts are a healthy, convenient choice if you don't want to clean or swap out your lenses every day. Colored contacts are another option if you'd like to change your look.

Trust Our Amarillo Eye Clinic for Your Contact Lens Selection and Fitting

Once we have agreed on the best contact lenses for your particular needs and expectations, you can trust our experienced optical team to get them just right during the fitting process. Multiple fitting sessions are not uncommon; in fact, they're extremely helpful as a mean of ensuring that your new contacts provide the most accurate, comfortable and convenient vision correction possible. If you feel that anything if even slightly "off," come to us immediately and we'll make it right.

A great contact lens exam is the first step toward great contact lenses. Contact Balfour Optical at 806-355-4407 today to schedule an exam for yourself or your loved ones!