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Pediatric Eye Exam Services in Amarillo

The eyes of a child do more than simply see shapes and objects -- they also gather invaluable information about the surrounding world, enable the development of physical coordination and facilitate learning at this crucial phase of life. If there's ever a time that proper eye function is most critical, that time may be childhood. That's why it's so important to schedule the necessary Amarillo pediatric eye exam services for your kids -- and why your Amarillo optometrist at Balfour Optical (Dr. Fitch or Dr. Hollingsworth) is happy to provide them.

pediatric exam in Amarillo

When to Schedule Your Children's Eye Exam in Amarillo

How young is too young to schedule an Amarillo children's eye exam, and how frequently should these exams be arranged with your Amarillo eye doctor? While adults may go in for comprehensive eye and vision exams every year, small children usually don't require quite that level of scrutiny -- but the eye exams they do receive are critically important. Here's a breakdown of a typical exam schedule:

6 months - A newborn baby isn't going to see as we adults would for the first several months of life. Vision is a concerted effort between the eyes and the brain, but an infant's brain and eyes have yet to learn how to work together. By around the age of 6 months, however, the basics of eye function should be established. An Amarillo pediatric eye exam at this age focuses on eye function essentials such as eye alignment, tracking, teaming and focus. We also examine the eye's structures for any signs of congenital or early childhood eye diseases.

3 years - Toddlers have one great advantage over infants in that they can tell us what they see and exactly how they're seeing it. A second Amarillo pediatric eye exam at age 3 allows us to add new features to the eye testing agenda such as evaluating hand-to-eye coordination and early indications of refractive errors such as nearsightedness or farsightedness.

School age - When your kids are ready to enter kindergarten or first grade, it's time to schedule a third major eye exam from your Amarillo optometrist. This phase of eye testing includes not only eye function and eye health evaluations but also a detailed vision exam using an eye chart. (We can use eye charts with shapes instead of letters if your children are still working on their ABCs.) If your children need corrective lenses, we can provide eyeglasses with fashionable frames or even contact lens options for older/athletic school-age children.

Schedule Pediatric Eye and Vision Testing With our Eye Doctor in Amarillo Today!

Once your child is in grade school, we may recommend vision testing every other year (at the minimum). From glasses and frames to contact lens needs, we can address any issues that turn up in a vision exam. Give your little ones a great start on their ocular health by contacting us at 806-355-4407 today!