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Glasses Usually Ready Same Day

Save your time by seeing an eye doctor near you who takes medicaid AND makes glasses in the same office. Most prescriptions (especially your kids) are ready in about 15 minutes. Even if you have a prescription that needs to be custom ordered, our onsite lab cuts down on the time it takes to get your glasses.

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The following information is what you can typically expect when you see an eye doctor with medicaid, but if you’d like specific details about your plan, please call us.

Using Medicaid at an Eye Doctors Office

Your medicaid plan will usually cover a routine eye exam and glasses if you or your family needs them. There are normally different medicaid plans available for you to choose from, and the benefits that can be used at an eye doctor near you may vary slightly. But you can usually get a routine eye exam and a pair of glasses if you need them with your medicaid benefits.How often you can get these benefits may vary by plan and age.


 You can typically get an eye exam each year regardless of age. Your eye exam benefit with your optometrist will normally reset 1 year to the date. This means if you got an eye exam in February 5th of 2020 then you could get another eye exam on or after February 5th of 2021.


How often you can get glasses depends on your age. If you are 21 and up, you usually can get glasses every two years. If you have kids 20 and under, they normally get glasses every one year. But your kids may also be able to get lost or broken glasses replaced under medicaid at no charge to you. Remember that these benefits may be plan specific, so if you’d like to find out how your medicaid plans work pleas call us!

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Eye exams on Mediciad
Incredibly Thorough Eye Exams

Getting your eyes checked by an eye doctor regularly is one of the best things you can do for yourself. And if you have kids, it’s a great way to help your children  stay healthy for a long long time. Your medicaid plan knows this too. That’s why they usually cover one eye exam any eye doctor near you who takes medicaid. Of course, I’m going to encourage you too see our optometrists, but even if you prefer another eye doctor in Amarillo (or wherever you live) please get a thorough eye exam for you and your family each year. It’s important, and covered by your insurance!!

No matter what insurance, our eye doctors do a thorough comprehensive eye exam for every patient we see. We include wide field retinal screening for free with every eye exam. We truly believe you and your family will get the best eye exam available in Amarillo when you come in to our office.

Glasses for Medicaid
What Medicaid covers for Eye Glasses

Remember that these benefits can change plan to plan, but here’s what we typically see in the medicaid plans near Amarillo.

When you are eligible for your eye glasses through medicaid, they will cover a frame and the prescription lenses for you if you need them. The lenses covered will include a scratch resistant coating and have UV protection built into the lens. Medicaid will provide a single vision lens (used to correct just distance or just near) or a lined bi-focal to correct both distance and near if needed.

In addition to what medicaid covers in full, our office offers you premium lens and frame options. We have thin / light and impact resistance with glare reducing coatings or premium frames with better durability (and style) for as little as $20.

But that’s not all. You can still take advantage of our 50% off second pair offer. So you can get you or your children’s first pair of glasses through medicaid and then get 1/2 off a complete second pair. This lets you get glasses like Coach, Ray-Ban or Oakley at %50 lower prices than normal!


Medicaid for Medical Services
You can see an eye Doctor for things like Pink Eye or  foreign body removal

Medicaid will cover more than just routine eye exams. Our eye doctors can see you or your family if you experience any health related concerns with your eyes. Dry eye can be a big problem in the Amarillo area. You can see one of our optometrists for treatment for dry / itchy eyes. And we can also help you with other problems. Problems like something getting stuck in your eye. And if you have diabetes or other health concerns, medicaid will help you get regular visits with our optometrist.

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50% Off Second Pairs

This works really well with Medicaid. You can use your medicaid benefits on one of the many covered and low cost frames, and then get 50% off on a complete pair of designer glasses. That’s 50% off on brands like Ray-Ban, Coach, Kate Spade, Oakley, GUCCI. And 50% off the lenses too! This is an incredible way to get the maximum benefit from an eye doctors office near you who takes medicaid.

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Insurance plans can change quickly. We try to keep this info as accurate as possible. Please call us for up to date information on which plans we take.

Medicaid Plans We Take

If you signed up for the following medicaid plans in Amarillo, then we should be able to give you and your family eye exams and glasses:

  • Traditional Medicaid
  • Superior Medicaid
  • Firstcare Medicaid
  • Superior CHIP
  • Firstcare CHIP

Medicaid plans are set up by region. We are region 1. If you are new to the Texas panhandle, you may have to sign up for a new plan in our area before we can use your medicaid benefits.

If you have a plan we don’t take (like AMERIGROUP), you can probably switch to another plan. This can take a little time, but it may be well worth it. Please check with your other doctors first to make sure you and your kids aren’t loosing access to other doctors before deciding to switch.

medicaid area map for eye doctors in amarillo
Traditional Medicaid
Yes, Our eye doctors take traditional Medicaid (TMHP)

When you first sign up for the insurance, you are usually put on traditional medicaid. You will soon after likely be offered another plan through one of the other insurance companies that handle medicaid. These will be plans offered by companies like Superior Health, Firstcare and Amerigroup. You may also always be on TMHP, but that isn’t as common. While you are covered under TMHP you should be eligible for both an eye exam and glasses.

Superior Medicaid / Superior CHIP
Our eye Doctors take Superior Medicaid

Superior Medicaid is one of the two most common plans available around Amarillo. Our eye doctors can see you for an eye exam and for glasses when you are eligible on Superior Medicaid and Superior CHIP.

One important note on Superior Medicaid: There is a similar sounding insurance. It’s actually called Superior Vision. When you are looking for an eye doctor who takes Superior Medicaid, you’ll get better results if you say the full phrase “superior medicaid”. If you call us and ask if we take Superior, we’ll probably answer with the question “medicaid or vision?”. If you call another eye doctors office and ask, you may get incorrect information if they don’t catch that you aren’t on Superior Vision. We’ve heard of it happening. Super confusing, yea, but at least you know how to get a better answer from your eye doctors office.

FirstCare Mediciad / FirstCare CHIP
Our Eye doctors take Firstcare Medicaid

The other common plan we see in Amarillo is FirstCare medicaid. FirstCare medicaid works pretty much the same as Superior medicaid. Our eye doctors take these plans for both exams and eyeglasses.

CHIP vs Medicaid
The differences when it comes to eye doctors

You’ve probably noticed that both Superior and Firstcare offer CHIP plans. CHIP is similar to medicaid for your eye doctors, but there’s a few small differences. Primarily CHIP plans may have a co-pay. They are usually very low ($4-10). The other difference is that medicaid may  provide replacements for lost, stolen or damaged glasses for children. CHIP typically will not cover replacements outside of your eye doctors normal warranty.

Optos imaging for retina photos

Free Wide Field Imaging

These photos typically run $50-$75 at most eye doctors offices. Medicaid won’t cover the photo for screening. But, when you get your eye exam with us, we include it for free! Take advantage of this amazing benefit today by scheduling with one of our Eye doctors in our Amarillo office today.

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Getting the Most of your Medicaid

Make sure you are taking advantage of the yearly eye exam that medicaid plans offer. They want you to too! Because it’s such a great way to help towards healthy life long vision and overall health.

But our eye doctors offer some really great extra benefits with your medicaid exam. Starting with our Optos screening photos. These photos are normally $50 at most eye doctors offices. But we want to give everybody access to the absolute best eye exams available. So we start our exams with this photo for free in our Amarillo office!

We also offer a wide selection of frames and premium lenses for amazing prices when you use your medicaid. Offers like our thin, light, impact resistant lens with a glare reducing coating for as little as $20.

And after you’ve used your medicaid benefits, you can still take advantage of our other amazing deals, like our 50% off second complete pairs of glasses.

Picture of glasses with lenses.
Get Your Wide Field Imaging Free
Free For the Whole Family

We offer wide field screening photos with our Optos camera free to all our patients in our Amarillo office. This amazing photo gives you a great idea of how healthy your eyes are. Our eye doctors go over the results on a large screen TV in our exam room, so you can see just how amazing your eyes really are!

Same Day Glasses Available for Most People
We have Same Day Service for Most Medicaid Patients

Our in office eye glasses lab keeps a wide range of lenses to make your visit as convenient as we can. Most of our medicaid patients can get their glasses in 15 minutes. And even if you need lenses that have to be ordered, our in office finishing lab can cut down on your wait time. Plus, We have amazing prices on our upgrades for thin lenses, glare reducing coatings (anti-glare) and premium frames.


50% Off Second Pair
50% off second complete pair of glasses

You  get 50% off a complete second pair for you or your kids / family. That 50% off is a fantastic way to get name brand frames like GUCCI or Ray-Ban. This offer is elusive to us, so you probably won’t get it at other eye doctors in Amarillo who take medicaid.


We lost our glasses. Are they replaceable under medicaid?

If you or the person who lost them are under 21 and you have a medicaid plan that is NOT a CHIP plan then you are likely eligible for a replacement pair of glasses. Call our office and we will verify it for you.

I bought an upgraded lens and it's been damaged. Do I have to pay again?

If you paid any amount of your lens then it’s likely covered for a year under our own warranty. We can verify with you when you got the glasses and how much you paid to see if you are able to use a warranty on your lens.

I'm over 20 and I've broken my glasses. Am I out of luck?

Medicaid won’t help if you loose or break your glasses unless you are under 20 and under. Our opticians will do everything we can to repair the broken glasses. But we do offer replacements at deeply discounted prices for these rare circumstances where they can’t be fixed.

My dog chewed my childs glasses. What can be done?

Accidents happen. If your child is under 21 and not on a CHIP plan then medicaid will most likely replace the glasses for you.

In addition, if you paid anything for the frame or lens you may be covered under our own “DOG CHEW” warranty. Give us a call and we’ll see if we can help.

Does Medicaid cover contacts?

Maybe. There are some medicaid plans will give an allowance towards a contact lens purchase or fitting. There is typically some expense to you for the fitting and/or materials though. If you have one of these plans and choose to get fitted for contacts you will not be able to use medicaid for glasses for that year. It’s kind of an either or with medicaid.

How long do I have to wait after I'm on Medicaid to get glasses?

Eye doctors are able to look up your benefits with your medicaid ID number through online portals or by calling your medicaid plan. As soon as we can verify you are on the plan it should be eligible for an eye exam or glasses. If you just signed up or changed plans it usually takes about 30 days for you to show up as eligible.

Is it better to be on Superior Medicaid or FirstCare medicaid?

When it comes to our eye doctors office it doesn’t change your benefits between the two plans. We recommend looking at what other doctors will take those plans and pick the one that gives you the best access to all the doctors you and your family will visit in a given year.