Our Frame Selection

Enjoy an excellent selection of frames. We have plastic, metal, semi-rimless and drill mounted frames. You can get designer brands popular in Amarillo and find frames from companies you may not have seen yet.

Frame Materials
Eye Glass Materials

Frames can be made of several different materials, generally broken down into plastic or metal. But there can be a big difference between types of plastic and types of metal used for eyeglasses.

Over the last half century the most common metal used was Monel. Monel is a nickel-copper alloy. It is easy to manufacture and can be adjusted easy. This also means that is easier to get out of adjustment than some other materials.

It is becoming more common to see metal frames being made from titanium (much lighter) and stainless steel (much more durable). A frame made out of a high quality surgical steel can be a very comfortable frame to wear. Metal frames usually have nose pieces that can be adjusted to fit along with the temples.

Plastic has been used to make eye wear for a long time. But usually its actually a material called zyl acetate. There are different levels of quality for zyl offered by different manufacturers.

There is also a way of making plastic eyewear by injection molding plastic. These are generally less desirable because they will not be as durable or have the same finish. 3D printing is also becoming more popular with manufacturers.

Frame Styles
Different frame designs

Currenty frame styles are very broad. Everything is popular. Amarillo doesn’t get too wild in general, but there’s still a lot of different fashions that are popular. Larger styles like aviator frames and round eyeglasses are very popular. Black and Tortoise zyl frames are also popular. But we see it all in Amarillo. Drillmounts are elegant and light. And metal frames are always in style.

Frame Brands
A wide variety

Most popular designers make eyewear too. Some of the popular eyewear designers for women include Juicy Coture, Kate Spade, Coach, Vera Bradley, Ray-Ban, Rachel, and Gucci.

There’s so many options when it comes to brands and each one features different unique styles. Vera Bradley uses her most popular prints on the inner and sometimes outer temples, and the eyewear cases come with a matching case. You’ll almost always find the iconic Spade on the temple of Kate Spades sunglasses and prescription eye glasses.

Men’s most popular styles include Ray-Ban, Oakley, Gucci, and Morel. Style trends don’t move as fast in mens eyewear. But our optical keeps the most current inventory of all the major brands.

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Prescription Lenses

Our in office optical lab has lenses available for most single vision prescriptions. And having a local lab gets you glasses faster even if the lenses require extra steps to make.

Picture of glasses with lenses.
Single Vision Lenses

Lenses for correcting distance or near vision only. These are kept in office and finished by our lab. Most prescriptions are available for same day service. If you want something more custom you can get self tinting lenses or sunglasses made in pretty much any prescription. If you’re younger and you need eyeglasses, it’s likely you need single vision lenses.

Multi-Focal Lenses

As you age your eye will loose the ability to focus on near objects. It’s natural. Everyone gets to experience this change at some point. But there’s several options for you. Here are the main eyeglasses you can use to help your near vision.

Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses are sometimes refereed to as no-line bi-focals. You may hear them called PAL (which stands for Progressive Add Lens). These lenses are sometimes called seamless bifocals. They have a few unique features. They are designed to prevent people from being able to tell you are wearing a multi-focal lens. You may even hear them called youthful lenses. They also give you areas of clarity for distance, near AND in between. This in between is hard to accomplish with a regular near bi-focal. There are several different ways to make a no line. That’s why you will hear advertisements from several different companies. They do a lot of things well. But they do come with compromises. Be prepared to discuss what you use your glasses for with an optician in order to choose the best progressive lens for you.


Lined bi-focals were the most common way to help you with near vision. Your optometrist would write you a prescription and he would give you a boost in the reading or near area. The optician would make you a lens that had your distance power and then had the near power added to the front of the lens. Eye doctors and opticians both know that this is an efficient way to get you a near add power. And if you ask, we also know that people don’t like the cosmetics of it. But it can still be a comfortable lens to wear. Don’t discount the simplicity of these lenses. They are still around for a reason

Specialty Lenses
made by a local optometrist near you for exactly what you need

You may have a hobby or job requirement that is hard to do with regular lenses. If you know your specific need, you can talk to your eye doctor about a special lens to meet your needs. This can be as simple as a prescription meant specifically for working on the computer. Or you may need a lens that helps you work at a desk and office environment. Maybe you need a lens that is made to help remove distractions for when you are fishing or riding a bike. There’s a whole world of opportunity available when you discuss your needs our optometrist.

Optos imaging for retina photos

Free Wide Field Imaging

These photos typically run $50-$75 at most eye doctors offices. Many vision insurances have gotten the price down to a $30 to $40 copay. But, when you get your eye exam with us, we include it for free! Take advantage of this amazing benefit today by scheduling with one of our Eye doctors in our Amarillo office today.

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Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can be a great option for active people, or people who don’t enjoy wearing glasses. Traditional contacts are still the most common. Daily disposable contacts are quickly becoming more popular because of their convenience. Special contact lenses may be available for difficult prescriptions or to help with certain medical conditions.

contact lens on a womans finger
Traditional Contact Lenses
Two week and monthly lenses

Traditional contact lenses will be worn during the day and removed and cleaned at night. The contact lens is worn for between 2 weeks and a month before being discarded and a new lens is worn. The comfort of the lens is highest when it is fresh, but with good habits they are safe to wear for the full length of time that your doctor has prescribed. There are a few lenses that are built to be worn overnight.

Daily Contact Lenses
Wear a day and throw away

Daily disposable contacts are fast becoming the favorite way for people to wear contacts. You get to start every day with a fresh new lens. You also get to skip out on the lens care regiment. When you’re done wearing lenses for the day, just place the lenses in the trash. These lenses will cost more up front, but with the savings on contact lens solutions and the added convenience it is well worth having daily disposable.

Specialty Contact Lenses
Contacts for High powers or medical conditions

Sometimes you or someone you know will require a specialty lens. If you have a  high astigmatisms a custom lens may need to be made. These do take a while since they are always custom, so it’s important to plan ahead and get yearly exams if you have the need for a custom made lens. There is also medical conditions that will require you to have a custom made lens. Keratoconus is a medical condition where the cornea is misshapen. Our eye doctor will use a specially made contact lens to correct the shape. This will give you better vision than you would get wearing traditional glasses and contacts.