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50% Off Second Pair of Glasses

We’re giving you 50% off complete second (and 3rd, and 4th) pairs. Or get 50% off your complete glasses when you order a year supply of contacts. That’s 50% off your lens and frame. Or, get 25% off lenses only if you’d like to reuse your own frame. You have 30 days from your original purchase to take advantage of this amazing offer.

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Yes, our eye doctors take VSP

VSP is the largest vision insurance plan in the country. Many local companies in Amarillo offer vision plans through VSP. They have several different plans on the marketplace, offering a variety of savings. Most of them have a small co-pay for your eye exam and eye wear, and an allowance for eyeglass frames along with co-pays for lens options. Or instead of glasses you can choose to use the benefits towards contact lenses.

Keep in mind, with most VSP plans you can either do glasses or contacts, not both. If you are trying to decide how to use your benefits, we can help you understand the best way for you.

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VSP for Exams
A thurogh exam with just a co-pay

You can get access to our amazing eye exams with just the VSP co-pay. The co-pay may change depending on the plan, but we usually see them from $0 to $20. That’s pretty great! It makes getting your regular eye exam super easy. And if you’re interested in getting contact lenses, VSP will have a discounted contact lens evaluation price as well.

VSP for Glasses

Most VSP plans we see in Amarillo have a frame allowance. The ones we most commonly see come close to or covers the entire cost of a lot of frames we have. Even if you choose a style that goes above that price, VSP will give you an additional 20% off of the overage.



Eyeglass lenses are a combination of different materials and coatings all combined to create the ideal lens for you. Lenses will have things like scratch resistance, protection from ultra-violet light and so on. Most VSP plans will have discounted each part of the lens down to co-pays.

Some plans cover a lot of eyeglass lens options in full to, so there’s no added cost to you for things like transition lenses. There are some plans that offer a straight discount off the price of the lenses too. But these are less common and usually don’t save you quite as much.

VSP for Contacts
Contact evaluations

Eye doctors do yearly evaluations to ensure your eyes are staying healthy when you wear contacts. With VSP, these evaluations are covered with just a co-pay. Sometimes that co-pay will be separate from your contact lens purchase benefit, and some plans have the co-pay bundled in with your contact lens allowance.

Contact Materials

VSP plans usually have a set allowance that you can use towards your purchase of contact lenses. When you combine our 15% discount for a year supply of contacts along with manufacturer rebates AND our VSP benefits, it can be incredibly cost effective to wear contacts all year long.

Optos imaging for retina photos

Free Wide Field Imaging

These photos typically run $50-$75 at most eye doctors offices. Many vision insurances have gotten the price down to a $30 to $40 copay. But, when you get your eye exam with us, we include it for free! Take advantage of this amazing benefit today by scheduling with one of our Eye doctors in our Amarillo office today.

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Yes, our eye doctors take Eyemed

Eyemed is the second largest Vision Insurance plan in the USA. You may have Eyemed and not even know it because it is so commonly added to your primary medical plans. If you’re looking for an eye doctor who takes Eyemed you’ll likely find plenty of optometrists to choose from. But our eye doctors in our Amarillo location do offer free wide field retina imaging if you have Eyemed. If you have any questions about your Eyemed benefits please call us. We’re here to help.

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Exams with Eyemed
A Co-pay away from your next great eye exam

Eye-med covers the exam with just your co-pay. That amount may change slightly, but it usually won’t cost you very much at all. Eyemed makes getting your routine eye exam really easy, and they usually cover one every single year. And if you’d like to get contacts, Eyemed has discounted your contact lens evaluation price too!

Glasses with Eyemed

If you have Eyemed, you will typically get a set amount off any frame in our office. That amount will vary, but it’s usually between $100 to $200. That amount is sometimes enough to cover a huge amount of the frames we have in full. But if you happen to go over that price, you’ll get an additional discount on the overage.

Lenses may or may not be covered in full by Eyemed. But Eyemed gives you discounted pricing even if the lenses aren’t covered in full. And we are able to use our in house lab on Eyemed, which usually lets you get your glasses much faster!

There are some Eyemed plans that combine your benefit together for both frames and lenses. These plans can give you a huge savings on the cost of glasses. When you schedule your appointment with us we will happy to look over your Eyemed plan and help you get the most out of your vision insurance.

Contacts with Eyemed
Contact evaluations

When you wear contacts, your eye doctor will do yearly evaluations to make sure your eye is staying healthy. With Eyemed these evaluations are covered with just a co-pay. These are usually separate from your contact lens material benefit.

Contact Materials

Most Eyemed plans will have a contact lens allowance that you can use instead of getting glasses. The best way to use your contact lens benefits is to combine your vision insurance with our 15% discount for a year supply AND the manufacturer rebates that are usually available.

Combine your Insurance to Save big with Contact Lenses

You can use your vision insurance towards contact lenses. Combine our 15% discount on a yearly supply with your vision insurance benefits to save the most on contacts. Plus, most contact lenses have huge rebates that you can take advantage of.

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Medicaid Plans for Glasses

Our Eye Doctors Take Most Medicaid Plans

Our eyedoctors take most medicaid plans that we see in Amarillo. We take Superior Medicaid, Firstcare Medicaid and traditional medicaid (TMHP). We take medicaid for both eye exams, glasses, and medical (something like pink eye etc.).

There are a few medicaid plans that we don’t take, for example Amerigroup. If you aren’t sure which plan you have, you can look on your card, or give us a call and we can help you find out if our eye doctors take your medicaid plan.

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Eye Exams on Medicaid
Come see an eye doctor that takes medicaid for eye exams

The medicaid plans that we take will normally cover one eye exam each year for children and adults. Most of the time you are eligible for an eye exam 12 months after your last one. So if you were seen in March 5th of this year, you’d be eligible for another exam March 5th of next year. We do include our optos wide field imaging in with all our exams in our Amarillo office. If you’re on any of the medicaid plans then you’ll get access to this incredible value at no charge!

Eye Glasses on Medicaid
See an eye doctor in Amarillo who takes Medicaid for eye glasses

Our optical takes most medicaid plans for eyeglasses. And we have a great selection of fully covered frames. In addition, we offer a wide range of premium frames and lenses at an incredibly discounted price. We also offer same day service for most prescriptions. We’re a one stop provider for medicaid, making us the best choice if you are looking for an eye doctor near you that takes medicaid.

Lab equipment for making glasses

On Site Optical Lab

You can take advantage of our onsite lab for fast turn around on eyeglasses. Most eyeglasses can be made same day. Even if your lenses need to be ordered, our independent in house lab provides better quality control than most large scale labs used by other opticals.

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Medical Insurance We Take

Yes our doctors are in Network for Most Medical Plans

Our eye doctors are in network for most major medical plans found in Amarillo. We see plans like Medicare, Medicaid, and Humana (some private plans like Humana and BCBS may have special restrictions based on the plan type). Medical plans will often help you with eye problems like pink eye, dry eyes or for tracking eye diseases like Glaucoma. Our optometrists are considered specialists for most major medical insurance companies.

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Medical Insurance For Routine Eye Exams
Sometimes a well eye exam is covered

Sometimes your medical insurance will cover a routine eye exam once a year. It’s much more common if you have a plan that includes children. If you think your medical plan covers a routine exam with our eye doctors but you aren’t sure, give us a call and we can try to find what your plan covers.

Medical Insurance for Pink Eye, Foreign Body Removal, Etc..
Medical insurance for Acute Care

If you have an irritated eye, or perhaps the feeling like something is in your eye, then your medical insurance will most likely help you on your visit. And if you’ve already met your deductible, you’ll probably only need to pay your specialist co-pay.

If We don’t Take your Plan

First off, we may still take your insurance. If your plan isn’t listed, give us a call. But even if you have a plan we don’t take, you can take advantage of our amazing prices for self pay patients AND you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.