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Understanding the Tear Film and Dry Eyes

Are you experiencing the discomfort of dry, irritated eyes? If so, you’re not alone. Many individuals in Amarillo, Texas, struggle with this common condition. Understanding the tear film and its role in maintaining healthy eyes is essential for addressing dry eye issues effectively. At Balfour Optical, your trusted eye doctor in Amarillo, we are committed […]

The Psychology of Eye Contac

Establishing and maintaining eye contact is a powerful form of nonverbal communication that can convey confidence, sincerity, and trustworthiness. In the realm of optometry, eye contact plays a crucial role in building rapport between patients and their eye care providers. At Balfour Optical, your trusted eyedoctor in Amarillo, Texas, our team understands the psychology behind […]

How Screen Time Affects Children’s Eyes

In today’s digital age, it’s no secret that screens are a ubiquitous part of our everyday lives. From smartphones to tablets, computers, and televisions, children are exposed to screens for a significant portion of their day. While technology offers a multitude of benefits, excessive screen time can have implications for children’s eye health. As parents, […]

The Role of an Optometrist vs. Ophthalmologis

Are you seeking eye care in Amarillo, Texas? Look no further than Balfour Optical, your trusted destination for comprehensive eye care services. When it comes to your eye health, it’s essential to understand the roles of different eye care professionals like optometrists and ophthalmologists. In this article, we will delve into the distinctions between the […]