Easy to Find Locations in Amarillo and Borger

Location of Eye Doctor in Amarillo

Our Amarillo office is located between TootnTotum and First United bank on the corner of 45th and Soncy.

Map location for Balfour Optical in Borger Texas

The Borger office is located on the north side of West Wilson on the western edge of Borger.


Call Amarillo

P: 806-355-4407

Our Amarillo office is open on Monday from 9:30-5:30 and Tue-Fri from 8:30-5:30. You can call or text our main phone line any time during normal business hours


Call Borger

P: 806-274-2020

The Borger office is open Mon-Fri from 8:30-5:30. We are closed between 12:00 – 1:15 for lunch.

Do I need an Appointment?

If you want an eye exam, we would prefer you have an appointment. We will fit  you in same day (we call it a walk in) IF we can. It’s best to set up your appointment ahead of time. It also helps us get all your information organized so your visit with our eye doctor is better. But there are several things you don’t need to have an appointment for. Picking up Eyeglasses, for example, is something you can come do any time we are open.

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Picking Up Eyewear
At your convenience.

You can pick up your eye glasses and contacts at any time during our business hours. You probably want to see an optician when you pick up your glasses. That way we can make sure they fit correctly. Our optician can also go over your glasses warranty and what to expect in the first few days of your new prescription.

Adjustments / Repairs
Glasses never break at a convenient time

Frames get out of alignment through normal wear and tear. Adjustments are free for all the eyewear we sell. You can stop by any time we are open and have one of our opticians make your eye glasses fit better and feel more comfortable. If your glasses are damaged, we’d be glad to repair them for you if at all possible. Or check the warranty status for you if needed. No appointments are necessary for our opticians. Even if we’re busy someone is usually available to help you within just a few minutes.

Optos imaging for retina photos

Free Wide Field Imaging

These photos typically run $50-$75 at most eye doctors offices. Many vision insurances have gotten the price down to a $30 to $40 copay. But, when you get your eye exam with us, we include it for free! Take advantage of this amazing benefit today by scheduling with one of our Eye doctors in our Amarillo office today.

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